About Me

I'm Ali Eren Çelik! You're wrong if waiting for me to do official formal conversations (: But if I have to mention myself, I can say that I've been dealing with these things for about 3 years. I currently manage projects on top-level Java and Web programming.

My Services

Let's prepare the program as you wish! With your imagination and our experience, there's no job we can't do!


Let's analyze your project's statistics and get constructive comments. Create your annual and monthly plans!

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Information System

Let's check the language you use with the 'IkoniaAPI' system to ensure that everything you do or do is true to the correct rules.

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Be Filed

Earn prestige by filing your project in accordance with SEO rules. Remember, you must show the right reasons for Google and Oracle communities to bring you forward.

Admin Panel

Projenizdeki her şeyi düzenleme haklarınızı saklayın! Unutma, bu proje seni ve özgürlüklerini sınırlamaz. Projenizi istediğiniz gibi yönlendirin.


With our Custom Query system, you can speed up your background transactions and let your site load fast.

Community Management

What, you have big communities? Do not worry, let's group and manage your community.

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Don't worry if the above explanations are not enough. We have prepared a special knowlodgebase for you!

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My Skills

We are honored to let you know how much we know what. Consider what you want and our criteria (:

Java     This language created by Oracle Company is still used in almost 15 million applications. 100%
HTML     is a coding language that creates the must-have interface of a classic website. 100%
PHP     A high-level, improved scripting language that manages all the functions of a website. 100%
CSS     This is a coding language that provides essential images of websites. 90%
Ajax     is a domain management language that enhances PHP functionality. 80%
JavaScript     A scripting language that provides functional view of projects. 75%

What We Did

You have the right to learn what is behind our 1.5 years of experience.


java program created.


managed the project.


hours support.


teammates together worked.

My portfolio (only allowed to be published)

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Square in Space

MMO tarza sahip uzay savaşları ile alakalı bilgisayar oyunudur.

Bilgi Bankası

Büyük topluluklar için hazırlanmış üst düzey bilgi bankası sistemi.

Ikonia Games

Kendi altında oyunlar bulunduran oyun launcherıdır.

Yönetim Paneli

Ali Eren Çelik tarafından geliştirilmiş üst düzey yönetim paneli.


Bu uygulama henüz geliştirme aşamasındadır.

CalFest Web Sitesi

Cağaloğlu Anadolu Lisesi'ne ait bir festivalin internet sitesi.

My Teammates

I can't do all these projects by myself! You can find all of my teammates from this list.

Ahmet Gelir

Java Developer


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